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High Definition Plasma Cutting  

Midwest Metal Works, Inc. has the capabilities with our High Definition plasma cutting system as a low-cost alternative for short runs since no physical tooling is needed. It is especially cost-effective for thick metal plates because it can cut thicker material with edge quality being comparable to lasers. Our High Definition plasma can cut from gauge materials up to 2" in thickness, with plate size as large as 72" x 144", we can also cut holes and/or shapes in structural steel, I-beams, square or rectangular tubing, angle iron, and channels either from customers own designs (.dxf) or from our layout based on the application.

Some of the benefits of High Definition Plasma cutting include better edge quality with narrower kerf and dramatically reduced fabricating times. High Definition Plasma Cutting eliminates dross & burrs and gives you sharper inside and outside corners and squarer edges. Precision that is unmatched by standard plasma cutting systems, High Definition technology is a low cost alternative to laser cutting.

Laser Cutting
Hi-Def Cutting: Service
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